Tuesday, October 31

Watch this Space

From the editor's keyboard.
Amongst the organisations that I have commented on critically in the recent past is the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) an organisation, which as regular readers will be aware, I have been an active member of for over a decade.

The FSB is important because it represents (or should) the true 'engine room' of the UK's economy. Without small businesses there quiet simply would not be an economy worth speaking of in our glorious 'sceptred isle'. As well as providing an excellent package of benefits to it's 200,000 members in return for a modest annual fee, the FSB has a national structure of active branches who hold regular meetings. The Federation is, by far, the Nation's largest member based business organisation (thanks to its award-winning recruitment team) with, in theory, a credible influence as befits an organisation that has been established for over thirty years

However, I have regrettably come to the conclusion that the organisation has been, in effect, politicly hi-jacked by a coalition of government 'collaborators' and 'appeasers'. The Federation which has twice voted to leave the EU, resisted the imposition of the euro, demanded a better deal from the UK's banking cartel, battled for many years against over regulation and over taxation is now, contrary to its founding principles in effect working as a part of the government machine.

The proof of the Federation's curious stance is evidenced by its recent 'lobbying' activities in Brussels which is confirmed in the recent publication ''what can small businesses do for Europe'' and reinforced with the boasting of the recent nomination and appointment of its very own staff to the unelected (and unwanted) Regional Assembly in the North East of England. Alas, the FSB is now a part of the problem not the solution to the increasingly insurmountable regulatory barriers to business growth.

There is a possible solution. The Federation of Small Businesses is member owned. Watch this space!
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