Wednesday, October 18

A Rather Rotten Deal

Jeff Randall, in The Daily Telegraph today points out that British Businesses are waking up to the fact that the EU represents a very, very bad deal. A fact that is confirmed, in detail, by Tim Worstall in The Times today, after doing the maths.

Intrestinly Gunter Verheugen, the EU enterprise commissioner, complains that compliance with Single Market regulation costs €600 billion a year, Tim has found out that the
commission boasts only that the Single Market benefits the economies of the EU to the tune of €164.5 billion a year.

Thus by the EU's own figures British (and European) Tax payers are getting, to use a very British understatement a rather rotten deal, paying €600 billion to get €164.5 billion back.

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Kelly said...

sounds like the EU is practicing some new math of some kind. OR else they are selling a deal usually called a con to everyone. If you aren't careful, you will be working with a huge deficit that will be very difficult to erase. If the EU were a business like any other business, they would be bankrupt right now. Closed for business.