Sunday, October 15

General Dannett's remarks and the real issue

Before defeat becomes a rout .
By Dr Richard North

There is a certain child-like naïveté to the media coverage of General Dannett's remarks which has now run unabated for two days, taking pole position in The Sunday Times this morning.
If one was to see such quality in coursework offered by sixth form pupils, though, one would smile indulgently and take the time out to correct it. But we are not dealing with a sixth form here so much as a situation where the children have taken over and there is no grown-up in a position to set them straight.


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Anonymous said...

If General Dannett is joining the Conservative Party then he will be missing an opportunity that, sooner or later, he and other accomplished people must take.

The Party system is in such a disgusting state that the General will be tainted by any party he joins.

As in Cromwellian times, the need for Independent Members of Parliament is great; not just in Military expertise, but in Industrial, Educational, Religious, Legal and Financial fields.

The Lords would have been a perfect organisation to check the excesses of Parliament, but it is now made up of Lackey Lords, as tainted as their sponsors in the Commons.

There has been no effective Opposition for years because both main Parties have ditched honor and policy for an electoral beauty contest.

Out of the 650 members, how many were warning of the 'Credit Crunch' even two weeks before it hit?

How many were making warning noises about excessive credit being
peddled like class A drugs?

General Dannett should stand as and Independent, in an Army town.

It's high time the Parties stopped being the primary selecters of our Parliamentary Candidates. They have lost our trust and have nothing other than lies and dodgy dealers to offer.