Sunday, October 1

An other year older and deeper in regulation

This weekend the Editor of this glorious blog has become a year older. But is he concerned ? Oh no. Why ? Well, the EU is looking afer the likes of those who form the older eliment in the British work force, oh yes (a very sarcastic) indeed !
When one reads the British press one can be excused for not realising it is the EU that is behind the 'agest' legislation which comes into force today, making it illegal to discriminate against people because of age.
On Friday, the BBC's Today programme carried three long items on it, pointing out the law's many flaws and anomalies – which is probably the first time many listeners were to hear of them.
This new law was never debated by Parliament. Yet, what we were not told by the Today Programme, is that Alistair Darling, the "responsible minister" whom it interviewed at length, was that the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 were nodded through under Section 2(2) of the European Communities Act, enacting EC directive 2000/78. Our MPs had no choice in the matter.
It would be very helpful, when the British media go on about the flood of controversial new laws imposed on us by Brussels, from compulsory booster seats to bogus "recycling" bins, if they gave us a clue as to where they all come from?

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Kelly said...

First, to the Editor, Many Happy Returns on your Birthday.

Second, at least they haven't managed to totally outlaw birthdays yet. In a short while there is going to be a black market for birth certificates so that people are younger they they say they are in order to not be discriminated against.

Last, government officials are used to getting things past us without our consent, why would you think that this would be any different?