Sunday, December 31

Big Brother (and Sister)

On the website of Hazel Blears, Labour MP for Salford, the "Chair" of the Labour Party, and Minister without Portfolio, at the Cabinet Office is an item of concern.
It is worrying that so far, 22% of those being asked, are telling the Labour party ''Chair'' that they don't mind carrying an ID card. Perhaps they'll mind more when they're landed with a swingeing fine (after an introductory period) each time they're caught not carrying it.
Another nice little earner for HM Treasury, all in the intrests of anti-terrorism of course.

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Anastasia said...

Carrieing an ID card accomplishes nothing. I would be scared to death if the U.S. passed a law that said we had to carry one. What's next? microchips in our skin?

Or maybe they'd start reading our emails and spying on what sites we've visited... right... they've done that already...

peace out.