Friday, December 8

The End of Week Quote

"The purpose of process is to achieve an outcome, to achieve the mission; it is not the purpose of process to maintain process. As an example, I recently read of a senior MoD civil servant quoted as saying of an even more senior MoD civil servant that the latter was "not just leading the workstream process, but driving it". I hope he knew what he meant - I'm not sure I do."
General Sir Mike Jackson - Former Chief of the General Staff.
Quoted from his much publisised Dimbleby Lecture – this week. The Lecture was titled 'Defence of the Realm.'
The above quote is a refereshing comment on Management-speak which is spouted by corporate managers and goernment wallers across our realm.
Intrestingly General Jackson was the primary architect of the Army restructuring (the Future Army Structure) – and the abolition of many of the regiments – he was an active and enthusiastic proponent of FRES. See what he had to say about both in his retirement speech posted on 26 July 2006.

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