Sunday, December 31

New Years Revolution

Peter Troy, Editor

The European Union (EU) at the end of this year is as dominant a factor in our affairs; interfering, controlling telling us what is best for us, as it was at the beginning.

If this Blog were to have one new years resolution it would be to be more effective in communicating the damage that the E U does to the wellbeing of not only the United Kingdom and Europe but indeed the Western World.

It will take not resolutions but a revolution in peoples thinking to change the dominant influence of the EU.

A salient example was when a top EU official, yesterday issued a statement on behalf of the EU the denouncing the execution of Saddam Hussein as a "barbaric" act that could create an undeserved martyr. The EU official speaks not in the name of the British people, nor in the name of the peoples of Europe. Neither he nor his colleagues were elected by us and we, the people did not appoint or authorize these self appointed officials to speak in our name. Nor in the name of the former citizens of Halabja, now deceased, and the hundreds of thousands of others victims of the former dictator of Iraq lying in mass graves.

Yet the 'EU effect' deepens. At midnight tonight, with the dawn of the New Year, Romania and Bulgaria join the European Union, bringing it to 27 members. But that means more than them joining a cosy little club which many want us to believe. It means that Romanians and Bulgarians have the right to enter our country. They do not, as yet, have a right to work here – unless they are self-employed – but who is checking?
It also means (a little understood fact that) the Romanian and Bulgarian governments become part of our government. Both member states will supply officials, high and low, to the EU commission, which makes decisions on how we in the United Kingdom are required to run our affairs. Their ministers join the Council of Ministers, which decides which laws are adopted, and their heads of government become members of the European Council – and decide on "European" political strategy. For that privilege, we also pay several more billions into the kitty. The simple fact is that Romania and Bulgaria are now a part of our government, giving their officials the right to decide on the laws that affect all of us.

Thus is how we are told what to think and do. Such remoteness of governance is the stuff of revolutions not resolutions.

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