Thursday, December 21

The End of Week Quote

Martin Bell
''I was on the base when Tony Blair arrived for his fourth and last pre-Christmas visit to the troops. More than half of his entourage of 13, apart from bodyguards, were spin doctors or press managers of one sort or another. For a travelling press corps of 20 reporters, that was an extraordinarily high proportion of sheep dogs to sheep. Downing Street got what it wanted - an heroic photo op against a background of troops, tanks and a helicopter. The reporters had to take it at face value, because face value was all there was time for.''

Jornalist and former independent MP Martin Bell writing from Basra in the Guardian's
Comment is Free blog.

As Martin Bell details in his piece, what was taken at face value was quite wrong. It is a matter of regret that the main media have not, as yet, reported the actual situation and plans for the future in Basra. Well presumably they will not want to admit that they have been over influenced by Downing Street's press managers!

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