Tuesday, December 19

Per Tea Pot Ad Astra

An RAF Nimrod

We are grateful to a former Royal Air Force Officer who has advised us that despite drastic cuts in recent years, sandards in the Service are being maitained. Apparently the crew of an RAF Nimrod resently used a teapot to block a hole in their aircraft. A mid-air mechanical fault forced the fight crew to improvise when a hatch door from which sonar buoys are thrown during search and rescue missions fail to shut properly.

A press statement confirmed that the crew's safety had not been compromised but made no reference to the quality of tea employed on operations; one assumes it was Earl Grey. When asked for a reaction the former Flight Lieutenant commented (whilst pruning his beloved roses) ''I trust they took up china cups and saucers there are somethings that can not be substituted''


An RAF Tea Pot and Milk Jug

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Stewed Cabage said...

Presumably the crew would have been doomed if they had been other than RAF, since no ther Air Force would have taken a teapot on a Sortie !