Monday, October 8

Election Fever

Letter Published in The Journal today.
Everyone and his dog in the media is now claiming credit for breaking the news that the general election is off, though the actual truth is that it was never really on. It was all hyped up by political hacks in the national press bereft of something to write about once they no longer had a daily dose of the Blair-Brown soap opera.

For sure, speculation will now turn to a Spring election - which I suspect remains extremely unlikely, as the amendment to the European Communities Act (otherwise known as the 'Reform Treaty') will be going through Parliament. To hold a general election then would delay ratification of the new treaty. It is unlikly that that Gordon Brown would not want to do that, especially as it would catapault EU issues to the top of the political agenda.

Ruling out 2009 - which is when the EU parliament elections will be held - the best bet from this political pundit is that that our Gordon will "go to the wire" and hold the election in the Spring of 2010.

Peter Troy

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June said...

Well only time will tell if you are right Peter!