Sunday, October 28

They Did Not Come For Me

Tempting as it may have been the authorites did not actually take me away as indeed one reader suggested being the reason for my recent period of uncharicteristic silence. Some very demanding business activities, my appointment as Chapter Director (Chairman) of The Warriers Chapter of BNI, together with a need for some robust legal representaion to defend my (and this glorious Blog's) reputation has somewhat diverted the limited resorces of this Blogger. So for the second time in a few weeks I now confirm that 'normal' service will contiune; this time it will be.


june said...

Glad to see that normal service has been resumed and that you are indeed still a free man Peter!

Stewed Cabbage said...

For the time being - we are but all out on licence. Refuse to pay our ever increasing local tax and business tax bills and they will come and get us.