Sunday, October 14

Interuption of Service

The Editorial team in response to many enquiries apologises to its many and regular readers for the lack of postings last week. There never can be an excuse to ignore our readers but in mitigation we have been seriously distracted by other matters which are:
The Editor has had an exceptionally heavy business work load as well as being involved in a particular nasty and important piece of civil litigation which when it is prudent to do so shall be revealed on this Blog. The blog desk has also been refitted with state of the art technology which like all technology needed some 'bedding in'.
Additionally and sadly our trusted retainer Hector - see picture - has suffered a bereavement this week. His niece Ginny lost the last of her nine lives and is assumed to be in the happy mouse hunting ground were all cats eventually go.

Shortly, in fact very shortly, we shall post more in our well established style. There is much to write about; not least is the details announced last week by the puppet Chancellor who has made life even worse for small businesses. Then there is those who by now should know better yet continue to talk about 'European money'. As we all know the country's mail service (and not just because of the strike) is getting worse, in consequence one blogger ended up in court (yes, you've guesses correctly). At last the parachuting mortgage adviser went into free fall and raised over £2000 for charity (whilst interest rates rose). So for now it is off for a touch of Sunday Lunch, back to the keyboard in time for tea.

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June said...

Glad to see u back in harness Peter! Hope the water is not too deep?
So sorry to hear about the demise of Ginny also.