Sunday, October 14

''Ready for anything''

Congratulations are due to Rachel Loynes who's tandem freefall parchute jump with the Red Devils (the freefall display team from the famous Parachute Regiment) has raised over £2,000 for the Butterwick Hospice Care in Stockton-on-Tees. The cost of the jump was paid for by Carterbar Financial Services, where Rachel is a Mortgage Advisor. Sponsorship came from business as well as private indivuals inculding collegues from the Chapter of the business networking group BNI that meets in Seaton Carew where Rachel is the Secetary/ Treasurer.
Note: Image - curtesy 'Red Devils'. The moto of the Parachute Regiment is Utrinque Paratus - Ready For Anything.


Sarah Hopperty said...

Well done Rachel, jolly good show! But why was that Para not wearing any socks?

June said...

Well done to Rachel !

Anonymous said...

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