Wednesday, October 31

Happy Birthday to Hector

Hector - a (very) British Spotted Tabby - is 17 years old today (77 in human years) after a day spent sleeping in his favorite chair he sprung to life (slowly) when the smell of grilling pork chops reached his feline nostrils . Not content with a birthday treat of pork chop he went after the editor's well done steak. Clearly nothing wrong with his appetite these days. Hector was a poorly kitten when only six weeks old he was rushed to the Vet only to emerge with two drips on attached to two ting front legs. The sickly kitten was not expected to survive - his brother Alexander had died only a few hours prior. Yet Hector did survive to grow into a bagpus sort of cat.

What does Hector owe his long life to? Probably leisurely contemplation. Well he once caught a rabbit (whilst living on the North Yorkshire Moors) though the consensus of opinion is that the rabbit was suicidal. He has never caught a mouse or any rodent for that matter. Bird lovers need not concern themselves he talks to the birds showing no interest in catching them. The summer residents of the farm, a family of Swallows, are in no danger from the resident tabby moggie.

Hector has always enjoyed a comfy chair, open fire or knee, totally ignored the one time resident hound. He once persuaded a publican (Three Tuns in Thirsk) that he was a stray of no fixed abode and enjoyed a double life as the pub cat whilst also a resident of 21 Finkle Street until he could no longer fit through the cat flap. Hector is in fact a very laid back British cat. Happy Birthday indeed.

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june said...

Happy bithday to Hector--if a day late--may he have many more.