Saturday, November 24

About that Referendum

Dr Helen Szamuely's opinions matter. She is head of of Research at the Bruges Group, co-author of EU Referendum blog and author of Conservative History blog as well as editor of the Conservative History Journal. She is also the co-author with Bill Jamieson of A 'Coming Home' or Poisoned Chalice? and with Dennis O'Keeffe of Samizdat, both published by the Centre for Research for Post-Communist Economies (CRCE). She has also written briefing papers on enlargement and other matters to do with Eastern Europe for the CRCE and has appeared on the media, including internet media, to speak on subjects to do with the European Union and post-Communist affairs. At times, she has worked and still works as a researcher and brief writer in the House of Lords.
''We are'' writes Helen today ''going through another period of fussing about referendums and it seems to me that I should try to weigh in on this subject. What with one thing and another, I have written and spoken about referendum – need for one and justification for it in a supposedly functioning representative democracy a few times."
The full piece ' About that Referendum ' is posted on EU Referendum.

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