Tuesday, November 20

Patientline - An Expensive Blot

Yours a twice monthly national magazine for mature Ladies (not on line) picks up on the issue of hospital patient groups who are becoming increasingly angry at the strangle hold Patientline continues to have on calls made to and from patients using bedside phones. This is not a new issue but one that continues to irritate.

Examples are provided from all over the country on page 21 of the issue published today (click above to read) of very unhappy patients and relatives. A particularly sad case is told of one elderly couple far too frail to visit their 30-year old son in hospital for the six weeks treatment for a brain injury. Unable to visit their sick son they telephoned him briefly every morning and evening to keep in touch. The poor souls ended up with a phone bill of £450.

The failing Patientline is exposed as the most expensive bedside phone provider - they operate in 150 or so hospitals. No doubt the company will respond with its well spun message about not costing the NHS any money to install and Mrs Peters the ultra loyal Pantieline Manager from North Tess Hospital will yet again wax indignant in the comments section below but the basic fact remains that Patientline continues as a blot on the landscape of the NHS.

It has already been suggested that the Editor of the Blog was 'connected' with the production of the article. Many may well well think that; we could not possibly comment.


june said...

So where are we going with the petition Peter?
Was all my hard work wasted?

Peter Troy said...

No far from it! Your hard work June along with many others will result in the delivery of a petition to the Department of Health. Many calls have been received as a result of the article above!

Peter Troy said...

Requests contiue to to be made by telephone (two this Sunday morning) for petition forms from former patients and their relatives who wish to protest at the cost (and quality) of Patienline's services. One such call, yesterday, was for someone in the South West who was seeking information on Patientline having noticed a job advertied for a Sales Manager! Well if they want extra stress in their life and to face redundancy shortly we recomended that they apply for the job!

Anyway the filled in petition forms - along with 1600 other signitures we have colleced in the past few weeks will be forwarded to the Department of Health at the end of January -if Patientline is still in business by then which if not very likley