Sunday, November 25

The Sunday Quote

Oil of Dr William Battie by an unknown artist. Courtesy of the Royal College of Physicians

Style is when they're running you out of town and you make it look like you're leading the parade.

William Battie (1703 -1776) a physician who published in 1758 the first lengthy book on the treatment of mental illness 'A Treatise on Madness’, and by extending methods of treatment to the poor as well as the affluent, helped raise psychiatry to a respectable specialty. He was the first and only psychiatrist to become President of the Royal College of Physicians. He gave his name (unlwillingly perhaps) to the slang term 'battie'.


june said...

Loved the quote! Is that what the FSB are trying to do to you Peter? HAHA!

Interesting to learn the origin of "battie".

Peter Troy said...

You may think that June, I could not (at this time) possibly comment.

Sarah Hopperty said...

Well if they are do not let the buggers get you down - you did so much in the North East to promote the Federation!

And yes I agree great quote.