Monday, November 19

From the Farm

Poor old farmers. Can there be a more smeared and sneered at group in Britain - or one that has had so much thrown at it in so short a time? And are journalists really unable to see a difference between farmers (people who farm) and those grotesque agri-barons who treat animals as mere parcels of protoplasm to be crammed behind the high walls of factories? Comment is posted our posted on one of our favourite sites Warmwell.


Anonymous said...

Farmers don't stand a chance
The British government is buying in huge amounts of foreign produce instead of supporting British farmers and growers. The amount of public money spent on food is around £1.8billion each year, and the majority of lamb, fish, apples, plums, pears and bacon are foreign.

The government buys 75% of its bacon from abroad, 95% of apples in the NHS are foreign, one per cent of fish served by the Foreign Office is British (Foreign Office therefore lives up to its name!)

The worst departments are Revenue and Customs, the Treasury and private prisons. British soldiers are fed on low-grade meat, as only a tiny amount of their meat is "farm assured", and state-run prisons do not provide any British fruit at all.

British lamb makes up only 43% of the lamb served in Whitehall, the Department for Children, Schools and families supplies only 7% British meat to its staff and the figure is 13% for the Ministry of Defence.

The National Farmers' Union were "deeply concerned" by the figures. The Soil Association have described the findings as "grossly hypocritical" as the government is supposedly trying to encourage others to buy British.

It is a disgrace that UK taxpayers (including farmers) are funding the favouring of foreign imports over quality British produce. Many British farmers have lost their livelihoods and the preference given to foreign produced food should stop.

Peter Troy said...

Thank you - yours are the anonymous comments we welcome - please call again.