Monday, November 13

Blogger in Need

Postman Pat left ( Peter Troy right!

It is that time of year when the BBC brings out Pudsey Bear for the annual fund-raiser Children in Need. Your Editor (organising the publicity) yesterday joined hundreds of children at the Playshack in Shildon ( for the arrival of Pudsey Bear and Postman Pat. The children and your intrepid blogger had their photograph taken with Postman Pat the proceeds of which are going to the Children in Need Appeal.

As the children gave their ‘letters to Santa’ to Pat, it was commented that, “he would probably do a better job of it delivering them.” Postman Pat was sacked by Royal Mail in 2002 apparently his ‘lifestyle image’ was incompatible with Royal Mail’s corporate style. What became of Jess (the famous black and white cat) is unknown although conspiracy theories abound.


Please note that no animal was harmed (or actually cooked) in the production of this posting


Anonymous said...

Poor pussy - u should have given her a home!!

Anonymous said...

This comment comes from Cape Town. We already have 7 dogs, 3 cats, 4 birds and 2 tortoise but will given black cat a home if u put her on the next plane!!!

Diane said...

Dear Anonymous
Jess in currently curled up with his Uncle Hector and Aunty Ginny in front of a raoring fire warming himself and purring like a traction engine. Do not think he would appreciate being put a the cold hold of a jumbo jet. Thanks for the offer, he may bit of an oddball but I can assure you he is a well loved cat.