Sunday, November 5

Sadam Hussein Death Sentence

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An Iraqi special tribunal today convicted Saddam Hussein of crimes against humanity and sentenced him to death by hanging for the brutal repression of a Shiite town in the 1980s.

As the verdict was read, the former despot shouted, "Long live the people! Long live the Arab Nation! Down with the spies!" He then chanted "God is great."
The chief judge, Raouf Rasheed Abdul Rahman, tried to silence Hussein. "There’s no point," Mr. Rahman said.

The five-judge panel, which heard more than nine months of testimony in the case, also issued death sentences for two of his seven co-defendants: Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti, Mr. Hussein’s half-brother, who was head of Iraq’s domestic intelligence agency; and Awad al-Bandar, president of Hussein’s revolutionary court.

For many Iraqis, the verdicts represented a moment of triumph and catharsis after decades of suffering under Hussein’s tyrannical rule.

Spontaneous celebrations broke out across Iraq in spite of an around-the-clock curfew imposed on the capital and other regions. Pistols and assault rifles were fired into the air across the capital and elsewhere in a common gesture of celebration. People flooded the streets of Sadr City, a Shiite bastion of Baghdad, whooping and dancing and sounding car horns. Even some Shiite police officers joined in the celebratory gunfire.

Hussein, along with six other defendants, is also currently being tried in a separate case in which they face charges of killing at least 50,000 people in the so-called Anfal military campaign in 1987 and 1988 in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq. Prosecutors are preparing numerous other cases against the former President. The tribunal may decide to try him on some or all of the additional charges if it wants to create a full record of the former leader’s horendous crimes.
Whilst it is a scandle that Tony Blair deceived the British people on the facts of the threat to world securtity in the months prior to the commencement of the war in Iraq the importance of removing Sadam Hussein and his thugs from power, even in the light of the US and UK government's failure to properly managage the post invasion situation, must be properly recorded. Lest we forget that the true reason the United Kingdom went to war in Iraq was to rid the world of an evil dictator.
The question is now - is there any point in hanging Sadam Hussein ?


Anonymous said...

YES!!!!!HANG THE F****R!!!!!!!!!

(edited ---this is a family blog)

Anonymous said...

No matter what, Sadam was already sentenced immedeately when Bush (the CRAZY GUY)entered into the land of IRAQ. In no way he could escape the Death sentence.
By the way Sadam killed only 100 people but how many AMERICANS have they died to date??? is not more that 3000?? Who deserves a death sentence? is it not BUSH???
You have sentenced to kill one soul which was the only PILLAR for the Cruel Iraqs but Many AMERICANS will still be sentenced day after day till all are out of IRAQ.
AMERICANS WOKE UP and see how BUSH is finishing you, your soons, your daughters, your fathers, Some are now running crazy, some from unknown dieases. Cant you ask yourself " were you born to worship BUSH? Please DONT BE FOOLED

Peter Troy said...

Without doubt Sadam was responsable for the death of many millions of people - not 100s.

kelly said...

Please bear in mind that we are fighting against terrorism. During extreme times like these, you have to pick a side.

I know that our leaders leave a lot to be desired, but they have shown more flexibility, justice, equality, evolution, security than any saddam hussein. Yes, it's difficult to please every single citizen, but let's face it, you cannot compare our democratic leaders to tyrannical dictaors!

I feel we've reached a phase whereby we need to become more politally active and learn to stand up for ourselves. Islamists are joining our society by the minute and yet there doesn't seem to be any kind of gratitude or even support when we are faced with problems between the muslims and western/europeans. I get the feeling that they are too indifferent and want to have they're cake and eat it.

Pick a side and stop hovering in the middle like a coward. You're either with them or us!