Friday, November 17

Facing the Big Guns

When is a Blog not a Blog? When it’s a Clog!

Corporate giants, the dead tree industry (newspapers), chief plods (Chief Constables) and politicians, spend vast amounts of money trying to muscle in on the Blogosphere. As all good Bloggers know the Blogosphere is by it’s very nature anarchic and thus unsuitable to those of an institutional nature. Thus, what the corporate wallahs and their acolytes produce are CLOGS – corporate blogs.

Inspired possibly by the concept of wishing to ‘educate our masters’ (Disraeli) many British politicians have established ‘web-clogs’. One of the most elaborate is that of ‘laggyband’ (The Rt Hon David Milliband). The North East MP has admitted that his 'clog' costs taxpayers all of £4,500 per year to run.

The Right Honourable gentleman's posts about everything from lack of fish stocks (not mentioning that this is the fault of the EU) , personal carbon emissions (sounds rude), to international climate change talks (fashionably green) and 'Laggie's’ other political interests, which include, promoting recent Government White Papers.

Well now, this Blog (or at least its Editor) is well practiced at putting one’s head above the parapet, the inevitable consequence of course is to be shot at ferociously (often by one’s own side). So this Blog directly challenges politicians and their ilk to stop polluting the Blogosphere with their corporate emissions.

All comments posted below will be fired on mass to 'Laggie’s' political web-clog. That being the first salvo, more will follow. Hopefully when they fire back they’ll miss the target but will raise the calibre of the debate.


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