Friday, November 17

The End of Week Quote

This weeks “end of week quote” is taken from today’s leader in The Journal:-
"The promise of thousands of Civil Service posts being relocated to the region proved yesterday to be what cynics [including the editor of this Blog] said it would be.
Too good to be true. Instead the North-East will lose 1,400 valuable jobs as the Government sets about culling one of its newly created departments."

Well if there is one particular government department that small businesses detest most it is the one where the taxperson hangs out. However any celebration at a reduction in taxing officials should not occur. The services that will be further reduced by the job losses will be the issuing of Tax Credit Payments, Tax Codes and P45s. As The Journal commented:-
“Unfortunately as we have learned from the late payment scandal at the Rural Payments Agency, this Government is not averse to taking lumps out of people’s lives through its inability to process the paperwork its rules demand.”

Oh well, once again: “it can only get better”!

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