Wednesday, November 15

Federation Role

A cutting from The Northern Echo. Peter Troy is expected to campaign for the position of National Chairman of the FSB.
In the early ‘reign’ Margaret Thatcher’s Premiership, Business Links were established in England and Wales with the objective of encouraging the birth of new small businesses in inner city areas. Now 25 years later Business Links and indeed their many offshoots have paradoxically become big business.

Business Link North East is to become the first government controlled national business organisations to be regionalised, appropriately perhaps, on the 1st April 2007.

Despite the overwhelming rejection of Regionalisation at a Referendum in the North East, in September 2004 those that govern us still persist in telling business people what they think is best and imposing more Regionalisation by the backdoor. All apparently with the amazing collaboration of the Federation of Small Businesses in the North East.

Perhaps, a simple reduction in taxation for smaller businesses would in actuality do more to promote business and job growth than the ever spiralling regional control and the unwanted reorganisation of support agencies so favoured by Quangos and (politically naive) government lackeys.

Thus is how we are now governed; perhaps this instance is a classic example of true business people being mostly oblivious as to the great deception of our political ‘masters’.

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