Sunday, February 13

Allergies Vaccine

Many millions of People ( including the editor of this Blog) could be freed from the misery of allergies following ground-breaking research by Scottish scientists.

The Aberdeen based researchers have developed a vaccine that for potentially life threatening conditions ranging from asthma to nut allergy and including hayfever and foil alergy and many other allergies that cause misery to large numbers of people in the western World.

Dr Mark Vickers and his team at the Aberdeen University's Institute of Medical Science have discovered a way of fooling the body's immune system into ignoring particles that can cause allergies.

The break through is a significant step forward in medical science and will provide a meaningful improvement to people with intolerance to allergens such as nuts, pollen and wheat.

One can only hope that the EU Commission do not legislate to prevent this cure being made available which clearly is going to be good for my fellow hayfevor sufferers. I jest not neither do I promote a myth.

The Guinness advertising slogan ''Guinness is good for you'' is about to be outlawed in a regulation currently going through the 'system' in the European Parliament. What is the connection, well I am reliably informed that the 'Guinness Research Foundation' was a principle sponsor of the research program at Aberdeen University.

As one researcher, microbiologist and 'senior' eurosceptic will confirm there is no known cure to the allergy that infects so many 'eurofiles' other than a regular dose of understanding.