Sunday, February 20

Mission Impossible

According to the fragrant Margot Wallstrom commissioner for truth and reconcilliation, '' The UK is full of hate ........''

If they are relying on this particular commissioner for their information, however, people are going to remain ignorant – which is perhaps what advocates of the EU really want.
The fair commissioner, who is responsible for pushing through the controversial European constitution, has likened her task to "dressing Frankenstein's monster".These, apparently, are her first public remarks about a job that will keep her busy for the next 18 months. She told a press conference in Brussels that the British would prove particularly sceptical.
"The UK is filled with hatred towards the EU institutions," she said. "But I consider this 'mission irresistible', not 'mission impossible'."
Extracted from '' The UK is full of hate '' by Dr Richard North

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