Thursday, February 17

Totaly Rejected in 'Totality'

The UK's largest member business organisation with over 185,000 members, which last year recruited 32,683 new members, confirms in it's annual report that lobbying for business issues continues to be an increasingly competitive activity. In a glossy Annual Report published for the AGM next month the Federation's Policy Chairman, on page 6 states:

''We have a long established policy of retaining the pound in the UK and following a debate at the National Conference last March. on the EU Constitution, the Policy Committee and the then National Council { both of the FSB, ed } have adopted a position of calling on the UK Government not to implement the Constitution for the UK. This was very much driven by business reasons rather than the totality of the Constitution.''

A motion at the FSB's 2004 conference calling on the government not to sign the constitutional treaty was carried by 104,178 to 5310 { branch delegates carry block votes based upon branch membership} The massive 95 percent victory was a true reflection of the attitude of the nations small business community.

The editor of this blog spoke in support of the motion saying:

'' If the EU Constitution is ratified it will signal, in effect, the end of the United Kingdom as a self governing nation''.

As this blog will continue to point out the totality of the constitution, for business and for reasons of good governance 'The Treaty Establishing A Constitution For Europe'' is a threat to the future prosperity of British Subjects.

Of course it is the totality of the EU Constitution which is the threat to the future prosperity of our nation, as any one who has read and understood it's 560 pages (including annexes and protocols) should confirm.

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