Friday, February 4

Funded by who .......?

The EU budget plans for 2007 - 20013

Key Facts:

UK pays in £ 12bn per year aprox, this will rise.

UK gets out (popularly called European Money) £ 8.7 bn fixed.

Cost of compliance with EU structures £ 10 bn

Cost of EU regulaions to UK business £ 1000 bn

The EU partly funded by British Tax payers !

The Committee on Regional Development in Brussels. This committee is responsible for disbursing the largesse of the EU to the huge number of regions governed from Brussels, and for which the taxpayer pays, of course. At this week’s meeting, the Committee was discussing the budget for the period 2007-2013, when a total of £235 billion is due to be dispensed.

Pass on the detail - counter the propaganda of 'European money' .

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