Wednesday, February 9

The Voice of North

Dr North on Radio 4 this morning.

Why we must say no.

Richard North said:

The case for the "no" sideThis constitutional treaty is part of an ongoing process Рit is just one more step in a project aimed at creating a government of Europe, devised by the political élites, without the informed assent of their peoples.
Completion will mean the end of us as a self-governing country. Britain will be relegated to the status of a county council, subordinate to a central government in Brussels.

That is the danger. It we allow this treaty through, there will be another one behind, and another – as many as it takes to get to the destination. Insiders are already saying they want another treaty within a few years. The last commission even produced a detailed report on what it should contain.We have seen this before. And each time a new treaty is agreed, this nation loses more power.

We lose 63 vetoes in this treaty, bringing the total to 200 so far. How many more next time?This referendum, therefore, is the opportunity – perhaps the last opportunity – to stop the process before it is too late. But that won’t mean we leave the EU – far from it. It will simply mean that we have stopped the express train of European integration. It will give us, the people of Europe, time to work out what we really want.

So, unless you want to be on board a runaway train, set to smash into the buffers, now is the time to pull the communication cord. That is why we must say “no” to the constitution.

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