Saturday, February 12

Six Vague Pledges

Prime Minister Tony Blair has laid his cards on the table, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, by unveiling Labour's six pledges for a general election. The six 'pledges' have been attacked in the North East Press for being too ''vague''.

The Labour Party spring conference is bring held at The Sage in Gatshead - a modern conference centre attended by some 3,000 delegates.

This blog will take a close look at Lobour's pledges over the next few says, particularly the Government's ID Cards legislation.

Bookmakers Wiliam Hill anouced today that they have stopped taking bets on the result of a 5 May election commenting that it is a certainty that Labour will win. My requast to lay a bet on the outcome of the EU Constitutional referendum was declined since the 'book' was not yet open.

More during the week-end ....................... Ed.