Tuesday, March 14

Appaling arrogance

Plod Blair (Sir Ian Blair) Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police has yet again proved his reputation as being "Institutionally Incompetent".

Senior Plod's latest faux pas is to have recorded a conversation (without agreement) with the Attorney General. amazingly regarding the possibilty using bugged telephone calls as evidence in trials of suspected terrorists.

In recent years the British Police have been obsessed with the enforcement of rules and procedures to a degree that is disproportionate to the public interest. Now Britain's most senior Policeman has been 'nicked' for arrogantly ignoring well defined rules. Regretably he was not issued with a fixed penalty fine !

The result of the Independent Police Complaints Commission Investigation into the killing of Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes, which is currently before the Crown Prosecution Service is expected to result in criminal charges being brought against a number of the Police Officers involved in the sad killing. A separate investigation into Plod Blair's handling of events following the killing is expected to reveal charges of an attempted cover up by the Commissioner.

As is the way with these matters, the Prime Minister has announced that his name sake has his ''full support''. Clearly by the end of April the only support Plod Blair will receive is that of his senior colleagues escorting Sir Ian, an appaling arrogant public servant, out of the front door of New Scotland Yard.


Anonymous said...

Sir Ian is not the flavour of the month with many newspapers I know, but is this not being blown out of all proportion?
I would have been surprised if Blair had NOT recorded his conversations - I would expect him to be doing so.
All telephone calls into police stations are recorded but I've never been informed of that fact when I call. Same with the emergency services. There is nothing illegal being done here. Recording makes sense to me, where can I get the equipment to do it? It might help to stave off some of these blessed double glazing calls....................

Anonymous said...

Well look at it another way, if you had to speak to anyone in this vile "Nu" Labour liars network would not you record it. Plod Blair is an alleged prat but look who hired him, Tony B. LIAR.