Thursday, March 23

Troy's (short) briefs

Brown delivers 10th Budget
Budget 2006: Key points
Budget 2006: Statement in full
Cameron takes on 'roadblock' Brown
Budget 2006: Business issues
Budget 2006: The economy Budget 2006: Public services
Budget 2006: Brown boosts families
Budget 2006: Tax and duties
Budget 2006: Athletes get £600m boost

The end of the week quote is from Chris Lloyd, Political Editor of The Northern Echo.

''........ Just as Mr Brown's Budget had very little to do with finances, so Mr Cameron's one-liners had nothing to do with policies or principles.'' The Northern Echo 23 March 2006

Well said sir, contiue with astute comments of that quality and I for one shall contiue to purcase the newspaper long after it has become a daily tabloid. Which will be a break in both a personal policy as well as a long held principle.

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