Tuesday, March 7

Telegraph fireing

There is much rejoicing in the ranks at the news that Sunday Telegraph editor Sarah Sands has been dismissed.
Famous for her aspirations to make the paper "intelligent and elegant", she achieved neither. The first edition under her control, in November, was graced with a picture of Kate Moss, coke-snorting supermodel, in exotic lingerie.
The paper went downhill from there, suffering a dramatic collapse of readership in December, of over 50,000. It is rumoured that figures due out shortly show the collapse has continued which, it is believed, triggered Mz Sands' rapid exit. She is replaced by Patience Wheatcroft, currently City and Business Editor at The Times, a post she had held since 1997.
Also, Eurosceptic and scourge of big government, Scotland on Sunday Editor Iain Martin, is leaving that paper to join the Daily Telegraph. With a bit of luck, we may be seeing a return to grown-up journalism in both newspapers.


Sarah Hopperty said...


Private Eye had the last word on Sarah Sands long before she was dumped from the Sunday Telegraph:

For me, a Sunday newspaper is like a bath bubble, floating in the air, smelling of perfume, with a picture of a woman in her knickers on the front page. And, just like a bath bubble, it should leave you transformed, fragrant, news-based and waspish. That's why you'll love our new magazine, 'Nutella' - it's creamy, chocolatey and easy to spread on your bread. Not to mention focusing on core news values around the world.

In short, my dream is that the Sunday Gnomegraph is like an iPod - full of old rubbish that you don't want to listen to.

Almost as funny as the original...

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Anonymous said...

Sadly of course the UK Press scene has a one way trip into the toilet. There will be no "Watergate" revalations as the owners cosy and jostle for the ear of even bigger business and our now third rate and vile political "establishment". Parrish pump politics is the order of the day, and a constant stream of lies not questioned by grub street. Not even useful as toilet paper any longer!