Wednesday, March 15

Tax Burden

Letter published today in The Northern Echo


A report just published by a leading firm of Chartered Accountants points out the that the tax burden for British businesses, both small and large, is now the highest in modern times.
Gordon Brown has raised taxes massively in recent years but there has not been enough effective public opposition either from the political parties or amazingly from the main business organisations. So, for Brown, the increase in revenue has been relatively politically cost-free.

Unless Britain's businesses speak up clearly they will continue to be ignored in actuality by the present anti-business but pro public sector government.

The run-up to the budget - where Gordon Brown is likely to outrageously claim that he wants to make Britain more competitive - would be a good place for business organisations raise serious objections. Their message should be clear: Higher taxes undermine business competitiveness and make Britain less able to compete in the 21st Century global economy.

Peter Troy

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