Saturday, March 11

The great depression

The statue of wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill in a straitjacket which was unveiled in Norwich to draw attention to the stigma surrounding mental health has brought complaints from old soldiers and members of the late politician's family.
Norwich North MP Dr Ian Gibson and Cliff Prior, chief executive of mental health charity Rethink, revealed the statue inthe City as part of a campaign which is striving to stamp out stigma and ignorance surrounding issues such as manic depression
Sir Winston Churchill was chosen because despite dealing with the symptoms of manic depression throughout his life, he was able to become Prime Minister, lead the country during World War Two and be voted “The Greatest Briton” in the recentnational poll.
But political leaders and members of Sir Winston's family have condemned the “distasteful” and “inappropriate” statue.Nicholas Soames, Tory MP for Mid Sussex and Sir Winston's grandson, commented in the Eastern Daily Press “What seems to me a very worthwhile charity seems to have completely lost their way and done something which is offensive and stupid and turned a sensible campaign into a joke.”
Ray Holland, chairman of the Norwich branch of the Royal British Legion, said: “It does seem to me an inappropriate thing to do. I would have thought there are much less offensive ways of raising their image and getting their message acrossthan using a statue of Churchill. I am sure it will cause offence to a number of war pensioners and war widows.”

Perhaps, one must consider that had Sir Winston's inspired leadership, particularly in 1940, not saved our great nation from the evils of Nazi occupation mental health patients in Britain would have, as happened in Germany and Axis occupied teritoritories, been brutally mass murdered.

Statues are erected to portray a message and 'Rethinks' statue of the great man is no exception. The the final word, we believe, should go to the French Philosopher Voltaire (1694-1778): ''I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it''


derek buxton said...

What a disgusting thing to do, to portray a great man in such a manner. The two "men" who unveiled it are a disgrace to a great Country.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone actually read "the great mans" fawning letters to Roosevelt. They are there to read and digest. His infatuation with his American mother may have much to do with the way he held the US in such awe. His father, hurridly married to his mother oddly in the UK Paris Embassy almost seems to have rejected the son.

America intended to make France a "protectorate" of the the US and Churchill attempted to obstruct De Gaulle and his taking of Paris with French Forces that broke away from the main Allied assault and raced for Paris thus scuppering the US plan.

His "illustrious" history is scattered with errors of judgement, the Dardanelles, Sydney Street etc etc. One wonders how much drink contributed to this.

His foreign policy seems to have allowed US hegemony as we retreated from our collapsing Empire and as a much later example of which was the US stab in the UK and French backs over Suez (of course not Churchills doing but we can see the US tend which resulted in it).

No I'd say the strait jacket was ideal attire for this useful fool for America as it would be for anyone who believes the hype about him!

Kelly said...

Gee, anonymous has a lot to say but without putting his name on his own thoughts. As far as stabbing anyone in the back, well I don't think a lot has to be said about how much aid was given to the French or France from both the US and the UK. It wasn't called the French Underground for nothing. The few that wanted to be free of Nazi oppression were aided by citizens of both countries.

Hindsight is always 20/20. Anonymous is correct in that a lot of mistakes were made but then I can do the same with the replay button during a football game. ( American or European) I can see the holes and know when passing would be better than carrying in the ball.

Churchhill was a great man BECAUSE OF his ability to try to do the best that he could under monumental stresses and horrendous choices that had to be made. To add to that having a mental disorder that gives the term "moody" a whole new meaning, well for me that just makes him that all more illustrious a man.

Did you, anonymous, ever consider the possiblity that the man drank as much as he did in order to control his mood swings from manic to depressive. Have you checked into this condition to see what the drugs do that are now prescribe by a doctor to control this mood swings?

As for me, a Native American Indian, you can keep France because I sure don't want it or anything to do with it. They were "saved" countless times by the soldiers of other countries. Soldiers who died for their beliefs and were willing to defend those unwilling or incapable of defending themselves. Before you decide to write saying anything about this, please bear in mind I have a brother who lives in France with his French wife, among his French in-laws, and has 2 children who are more French than American. I think that he family are wonderful and good people. I just dont' approve of their government policies.

As for ideal attaire, I think it would have been in the better interest to have shown Churchill as a man like any other with a disorder that controlled his moods and his life that he overcame AND that he looked just like anyone else WITHOUT a strait jacket.

Anonymous said...

France for the French as they say and you as a native American are as about as welcome and as influential in the US as a rotting fish is on a fishmongers slab.

What country allows a manic drunk to run it? Germany? Russia? Ho Ho the good old US of A with an alcholic, coke sniffing Chicken Hawk perhaps. I think you want to get a grip Tonto. There are a good many Brits who despise a US that leaves its poor to rot after storms and is the world leader in race related problems, gun murder and drugs, bombing people and genocide.

ANY leader in the UK that wants you shower for allies is definately off his trolly and looking for that good old American way of life "friendly fire" otherwise known as "stabbing your ally in the back", you lot would know a lot about it but spend most of your time denying it after of course you've made a profit.

Quite frankly the ONLY reason that you really get a look in is that too many Brits are not willing to learn a foreign language and are inward looking half believing we "punch above our weight" in the world and still look back misty eyed for the Empire that we seem to have gained in a fit of absent mindedness and lost with lend-lease and the Marshall Plan. They do not see you for what you are, largely at your governmental levels the sweepings of Europe done good and with about as much class.

Some people don't see the danger that the US has become and annoyingly your culture invasion is reducing our culture to rubbish and our young to the levels of IQ of your moronic gun toteing offspring by means of being overwhelmed in the media and communications. The American way is not the only way, it is one of many but many like Churchill have been seduced by it.

The reason I post "anonymous" is I am indeed afraid to be identified and my location given away only to find that elements of your Trailer Trash Army (Hillbilly Division) will as you Chief Presidential Monkey put it "smoke me out" i.e. bomb anything in a 50 mile radius, precision like of course.

I frankly do not give a toss whether you helped make yourself a profit in two world wars, lost the flower of American youth (poppies as far as the CIA are concerned) and brought universal sufferage to the ant after shipping large quantities of drugs via Air America out of Laos.

But there is a message for you in all this "GO HOME YANKEE", you'll find it on walls throughout the civilised world. Take all your grubby profits and possessions, all your military kit and the two dimensional users of it, all your "culture" and "food" (McDonalds ye gods) especially the GM stuff, all you bribery, corruption, drug dealing intelligence agencies. Go home, pull up the drawbridge, skulk away and watch yourselves being outbred by the poor, afro-Americans and invaded by "wet backs" as you so quaintly name them. Then come back in 50 years or so and we probably won't understand the gutter language you will use but there will be some element of Spanish to latch onto I'm sure.

Churchill is symbolic of the mess we have got ourselves into and our inability to see the wood for the trees any longer By allying ourselves with you we have become a vassal state, triapsing round the world following your "Army" and doing your bidding when we hould have been looking after our own interests and taking a real lead in "old Europe" as old Donny Bumsfelt and the other Chicken Hawks put it.

I want my taxes and my army used in my interests and not securing your gas guzzling lard arses in to the middle of the century. I want my parents and eventually me looked after with proper healthcare not securing contracts for fly by night US run PFI hospitals in the UK NHS. When our Prime Minister gets up I want him to speak for our nation and not go on bended knee kissing the backside of someone with an IQ lower than room temperature.

I would remind eveyone in the UK that our twit Chancellor will be making the last payment on the Marshall Plan this June nearly 60 years after the end of WWII. That is why Churchill should be quite rightly seen in a strait jacket and anyone else that has any intentions of locking UK intrests into the ongoing crimal enterprise that is the good ole US of A!

Have a good day ye all!

Kelly said...

Anonymous, I am sorry that you have been so badly hurt by Americans and the American government. As for calling me Tonto. I do not take offense at all, if that is what you were hoping for. I would like to know where you got your statistics from so that I could read them for myself. As I have been checking on the net for a source that list the US as the leader in any of these areas. I have found several sources that list the top ten for a number of years in murder, bombing, genocide and drug related crimes. But again the USA we not the leader on any of them.

We were not listed in the top ten safest countries either but then again neither was the UK although Ireland was number 8 on one list I found. The murder/homicide rate of the America's (that includes South and Central and North America)were high but were still not as high as the African rate. This was followed in order by the European, Eastern Mediteranean, South East Asain and finally by the Pacific Rim. The suicide rates were almost the reverse but again the Americas were not the leader.

There was a comparison done by regions in the USA and the Provinces/territories of Canada and Canada won that round.

As for gun ownership being the reason that there is so much crime in the USA. I am afraid that after spending several hours both online and in the library, I have not been able to find a definitive study BUT there is one that was done that showed that those countries with the strictest gun control laws also had the highest homicide rates. News reports in Britain showed how crimes with guns have risen 40 percent in the four years AFTER handguns were banned in 1997.

As for stabbing your allies in the back, well, "WE" Americans also have the wounds to prove that we have that happen to us with great frequency. WE also have a record of helping to rebuild our "enemies" only to have them do the same thing. But that happens in kindergarten school yards also. EVERYONE has an agenda that they want to follow. Yours is not mine, nor is mine yours or even your neighbours. AS for paying off debts, didn't the English/UK government claim bankruptcy in the world court a few years ago to wipe out some of those debts that couldn't be paid? My UK history is very shaky so I might be mistaken and if I am I do apologize (in advance).

NOW, as to your paranoia that we would "bomb" you because of your opinion, well, I didn't realize that your opinion held that much power. And as for you "Yankee go home", I am home. But I will be in the UK soon for a visit. After all, YOUR people brought so much the the Americas that they didn't have before. Social diseases, strife, government, land ownership, slavery/indenturship, religious oppression and death/annihilation just to name a few.

I wonder who should really have gone home, and who should have really been watched. Because if the France if for the French, then will you be taking your people back too?
As for the drugs, well, you had heroin and cocaine long before they came to the Americas. There were other drugs in America so I guess we are at a draw there.