Tuesday, March 7

Baa Baa Rainbow sheep

From the editor's breakfast table.

This morning, whilst munching my high fibre breakfast cereal I mused over a BBC today programme early morning report that the politically correct 'police' had struck, yet again.
Two children's nurseries in Oxfordshire are teaching their pre-school children a new PC version of Baa Baa Black Sheep - they are now chanting ''Baa Baa Rainbow sheep...''
The charity running the nurseries, Parents and Children Together (Pact), said the move was ''educational, not motivated by racial concerns.'' Pact said (unconvincingly) children were encouraged to use a wide range of words in songs, perhaps they should have said spectrum !
Anyway, if the Oxfordshire toddler teachers get their way we will be eating not blackberries but rainbowberries, for fear of moral rainbowmail (blackmail), whilst baking four and twenty rainbowbirds (blackbirds) baked in a (low fat) pie. In the Palace or Westminster Rainbow Rod (the renamed ancient position of Black Rod) will most definitely require a coat of many colours. Snooker loving folk will be potting rainbow then contemplating in our nations pubs the rebranding of Yorkshire's finest real ale, Rainbow Sheep.
As for what Hector's nephew Jesse (my black - sorry Rainbow - cat ) will think about it all when he returns from his routine (fluffy) rodent control tour I really don't know.
In the PC correct nursery in Oxfordshire they will no longer chant the very British traditional rhyme:
''Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, Three bags full; one for the master, and one for the dame, and one for the little boy Who lives down the lane ''
but will without any feeling ( yet with full PC compliance) the young ones will perhaps chant:
'' Baa, baa rainbow sheep, have you any wool ? Yes person yes person, three (environmentally friendly trading standards approved) bags full; one each for the gender equality ( and non age discriminated) community leader as well as one for the young person who lives in a child friendly nanny state down the lane.''


Kelly said...

I took the liberty of printing out this article and took it to my work place. There I made a point of showing it to several of my friends and co workers who are black or negro. They find either of these terms acceptable but prefer to be referred to my name rather than race. Not only did they laugh about this whole thing but said what is wrong with things being black. Is this nursery school trying to say that black is not acceptable? Is this nursery saying that things being black aren't any good and have to be renamed or coloured a different colour?

Is the White House going to have to be called the spectrum house? Are the Washington Red Skins going to have to be called the WAshington Skins of many colours? (BTW they are an American football team)

They feel that by changing these nursery rhymes to suit their PC collective that they are in fact drawing the line through their colour and making it unacceptable. What is the school going to do when they are on an outing to a farm where there are sheep white and black? Are they going to say that those sheep aren't black but are another colour other than white? or are we not going to teach our children their colours at all? Shall we say that grass is green or will that offend those environmentalists who are referred to as "greenies"?

So that you know that I got a good cross section, I showed this article to those people who have a darker shade of melanin in their skin, with a variety of job and school experiences and who were not gender specific. For those of us who were raised in the dark ages where pc meant a computer and not anything else. I meant a group of people from a variety of jobs and education levels as well as different ages and both male and female. Most of whom were Hispanic (Mexican, Bolivian,Chilian, Peruvian,Brazilian, and Honduran), Native American Indian, Black or Negro, African (Burundi and Nigeria specifically), and Asian (Japan, Korea, and Vietnam). This article was seen by no less than 79 people.

After I showed this article to this specific group, I then showed it to other friends and co-workers of mine who were of the lighter melanin persuation, in other words white. And there consensus was just about the same. Why do we have to be afraid of a colour name? or a colour? By changing black sheep to rainbow sheep are we not in fact drawing the conclusion that black isn't good?

I don't have a problem with being called red skin, or brown skin. I don't have a problem with being mistaken for Mexican, South American, Italian, or Muslim. I do let people know that I am not any of those things as I am in fact Native American Indian. But that is just a matter of pride for me. Just as I am proud of the colour of my skin. It does not, however, define who I am. It is merely a characteristic of my physical appearance like black hair or brown eyes.

For being such a PC nursery or school they sure are backwards. I wonder how they would refer to my deaf son? hearing challenged maybe? As for me, I call him Cody. That is after all his name

Anonymous said...

Well this is totally unacceptable you can't use the word BLACK it has such negative connotations. Oh no oh sorry err I did not mean negative in that sense as that would be to imply that BLACK is somewhat less of a colour (can I say that?) than say ummmn any other colour. Ah why have I picked BLACK out oooh err well it could have bee BROWN not that BRON is any less or more than BLACK but might be better than YELLOW. No I did not catagorically say YELLOW was any less than BLACK or BROWN, well OK yah, BROWN or BLACK if you want it put that way, which you do. Now take WHITE..........DON'T HIT ME!

nayomi said...

kelly you are so right, there is nothing wrong with the sheep being black.
i think the nersery should stay as it should if you are going to change that nursery rhyme then why not change then nursery rhyme about a baby falling from a tree. rock-a-
bye-baby? or what about snow white?

Captain Sensible said...

"i think the nersery should stay as it should"

I think you should learn how to spell before getting on your high-horse.

By the way, changing the rhyme to a an ironic 'PC' version? It's been done mate. Many, many times.

Anonymous said...

Kettle calling the pot Rainbow sheep me thinks!