Saturday, May 13

Jumpers needed

Why leave a perfectly serviceable aircraft (in flight) ?
Well there are plenty of reasons but three come readerly to mind:
  • For the thrill of a lifetime
  • To raise funds for the BDFA Bulldog (a very British Aircraft)
  • Because your Mum would not like it.
We on this blog are assisting the British Disabled Flying Association (BDFA) raise money to secure the use of a training aircraft in the North of England. That will enable disabled people to enjoy the pleasure and experience of flight.
So far 20 volunters from the North East of England all of whom are medical staff (plus one intrepid lady businees owner from County Durham) have agreed to join the sponsored Parachute Jump, but more people will to jump and raise sponsorship are needed.
The jumps are taking place on various week-ends between now and September.
To findout more, please click here:
Those wishing to help provide oppertunities in aviation for disabled people by sponsoring and/or jumping should leave their details either in the comments box, email the editor or contact the BDFA direct via their website.
For details of this blog's involvement with disabled flying see our discriptive posting from last September, click:

1 comment:

Sarah Hopperty said...

Gosh - I wish I had the courage to jump. I would like to sponsor some dishy medic, it is an excellent cause. I wish i could have come to the flying day last Augast. The discripton on the posting sound as though it was wonderful -- anyway put me down for £100.

Sarah H