Friday, May 26

Reward a vital sercice

The End of Week Quote is a letter, reproduced in full,
that is published in today's Daily Mail.

This letter deserves as mush publicity as possible:

I'm a 999 emergency operator for Cable & Wireless, which will pay its executives £22 million each if they reach their targets.

Until two months ago, we too had a bonus scheme: it paid the grand sum of £70 a month if we hit our targets. Now we still have to hit our targets but the bonus pot has been cut back from £300,000 a year to £80,000.

The only perk we used to have was a free drinks machine, but this has now been scrapped and we have to pay 25p per drink. For 999 operators working a 12 - hour nightshift a good supply of tea and coffee is essential, so this has become expensive.

What will those executives do to earn their obscene bonuses ? Have they ever gone home at night knowing they've helped save someone's life ? I have.

I've consoled a crying father who found his baby son dead in his cot. I've heard the death gargle of a man hanging him self with piano wire. I've heard the final screams of a young girl trapped in her burning house. I've heard a mother break into her son's bedroom to find he'd committed suicide.

I'm abused daily with vile language. It's normal for callers to threaten us and our families in the most violent and unpleasant manner.

After 15 years service with tiny annual wage rises, I'm now paid little more than the minimum wage - less than a shelf stacker at a supermarket.

I've seen the share price plummet and the company hit the skids while the senior managers responsible get the usual 'golden handshake' and we're told we must 'tighten our belts'. Any of the £22 million going spare chaps ?

The name and address of the author was not published.


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Anonymous said...

This is just disgusting in its greed. I'm both relieved and saddened that it also happens outside of the United States.

John Roman said...

Silly Dilly! Doesn't this worker understand that he's supposed to be motivated to work harder because his bosses make more money?

Sarah Hopperty said...

I think a 'she'has written the letter. It has that female careing style with a hint of controled anger.