Saturday, May 27

The Lost Post

An amazing 14.4 million letters are lost every year by Royal Mail and thousands of letters are daily delivered to the wrong address. These disturbing figures are the conclusions of a survey revealed by the consumer group Postwatch.

The Chairman of Postwatch Peter Carr said recently: '' Our message to customers is that if Royal Mail do not know about a problem they can not fix it.''

Yes indeed, point taken but if the letters of complaint do not reach Royal Mail's managers because they are amongst the 14,400,000 letters that are lost or missdelivered each year that, one is bound to concider, could account for the lack of management action that the watchdog is complaining of.

Perhaps complaints about lost snail mail should be sent by email. That at least it would save the cost of the postage stamp.

It is worth adding that the Royal Mail employee's trade union is reacting to demands for a better service in a time honoured way, with threatened strike action. The Communication Workers Union is due to hold a (postal) strike ballot in three weeks time.

On that note I direct our dear reader to the comments box of this post. The most cynical comment will receive, in the post, a DVD copy of Raiders of
the Lost Arc.
Right is this blog's offering of a new design of postage stamp for the Royal Mail. The picture is of St Anthony, the patron Saint of lost items.
Anthony is, incidently, the middle name of the editor of this glorious blog - comments on post cards only please.

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