Tuesday, May 30

Of Pseuds and Posers

A group of Conservative MPs has today launched a major broadside against David Cameron's ''modern compassionate'' leadership of the party.
In a paper published by the Cornerstone Group the Tory leader is accused of concentrating on the "pseuds and posers of London's chichi set".
The centrally controlled, (but no doubt compassionate) authorised list of potentential parlimentry candidates has been particularly critisesd by shadow skills Minister John Hayes MP.
"The idea that we can parachute insubstantial and untested candidates with little knowledge of the local scene into key seats to win the confidence of people they seek to represent is the bizarre theory of someone who spends too much time with the pseuds and posers of London's chichi set and not enough time in normal Britain."
Conservative MP Owen Paterson's web site, which gives detail of the Cornerstone Group can be seen
here. Mr Patterson is a leading member of the group and a rising star on the Tory benches who is most deffinatly not one of the boy kings 'chichi set'.
Is today's attack on the boy king a one of riot or the start of a mutiny ? A case of watch this space !

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Tory Boy said...

It is a very British warning shot !