Thursday, May 18

Public sector vacancy

A local authority in East Anglia is advertising a contract job at £42,500 p.a. in the "Smoke Free Workplace Co-ordination Service".
The contractor "will help workplaces convert to a smoke free environment along with delivering stop smoking interventions {what ever that is} for employees."
"The contractor will have a background in public health with the ability to work autonomously and strategically, persuading, influencing and motivating a full cross-section of people in the workplace."
Apparently the council have secured "Neighbourhood Renewal Funding" for a maximum of 18 months.

Well, in the opinion of the editor of this blog the position should appeal to an experienced Regional Development Agency (or derivative) employee with a sterilised and integrated personality who is, preferably, quality system management certified and recognised (by their peers) as a compliantly orientated individual.


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