Sunday, August 7

All you need is double negatives

Evidence, not that it is needed, that one does not have to write sense to make massive amounts of money was provided by the sale last week of John Lennon's hand written words to his song All you need is Love.

A buyer paid £ 600,000 at an auction last week for the original manuscript.

If anyone can explain what the words, '' there's nothing you can do that can't be done / nothing you can sing that can't be sung,'' mean then I would be pleased.

Many will no doubt call me a square (or a cube even) however, clearly this is yet t another example of the 'Geldolf factor', i.e sound moronic, look unkempt, be rude to anyyone and everyone, mumble meaningless sentences as well as look permanently smashed ,so that millions of people can idolise their cult rock hero as a demi-god.

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