Monday, August 8

Of Soup and Spinsters

An excellent piece by Professor Terry Eagleton from the University of Manchester in the current edition of The Tablet (not available on line but sold from at all good Catholic Cathedral book stalls) points out ''the doleful fact that bachelors, like spinsters, are to be legally abolished by a change to the marriage laws.''

Apparently because of the new civil partnership legislation that comes into effect on 5 December the Registrar General of England and Wales has decreed that the terms can no longer be used.

Bachelors will soon mean nothing more than soup and 'spinsters of this parish' will cycle down country lanes as single persons. Ah well progress indeed.

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Sarah-Jane Hollands said...

Coupled with the suggestion that Mothers abd Fathers day cards should be replaced with "special person" cards, it would seem that any label of any sort is being discouraged and eroded.
How soon before we are all but numbers? "I am not a number, I am a free man!" - remember when we all thought that was harmless entertainment?