Wednesday, August 3

No more ''God and the Queen''

It is unbelievable, amazing, disgraceful where will it all end ?
The British Scout Association has recently changed its traditional pledge of loyalty ''to God and to the Queen'' in favour of a series of multicultural options.
Muslim Scouts can opt to swear just to Allah (what is wrong with Allah and the Queen), while athesists can drop God altogether and budding republicans can pledge themselves to the state rather to the monarch.
The pledge is taken by all Scouts on joining the movement, which was established in 1907.
The new variations are intended to reflect the growing diversity of Britain.
Well call the editor of this blog a tad reactionary if one wishes, but he would have anyone who will not swear at oath (or affirm) to our monarch - our head of state - confined to a cell in Her Majesty's Tower until such a time as a change of mind was made by the rebelious British Subject.
If there are people who wish to live in an English speaking republic there is quite a large one one just accross the pond, however by all accounts they are keener on God than we here in the UK are.
One fears that the time could come when Her Majesty's (by then former) subjects will have to to affirm to the European Union's Commission in the intrests of EU harmony.
In God (but not our politicians) we must trust.


Brian said...

I see that Peter is as up to date on facts as he usually is.
The Scout Association have been using alternative promises for over 30 years that I know of. I used them regularly while working with a Scout Group in Central London. Most of the young people were children of visiting diplomats. Why should they be expected to promise loyalty to the Queen? I didn't swear loyalty to the German Chancellor when I was Scouting in Germany.
Muslim Scouts living permanently in this country ARE expected to swear to Allah and the Queen.
Nor are they called the British Scout Association. Every Scout Association around the world (that's over 218 countries and territories) use their countries name in their title except for THE Scout Association.
The Scouts movement around the world do a fantastic job for our young people - don't drag them down to your level.

Peter Troy said...

I am as up todate as The Scouts Association Press Office.

I confirm that I have been informed that Muslim Scouts do not have to include the Queen in their oath, but no doubt Brian as a practising Scouter is correct.

OK - The Scout Association in Britain -I hope that is better Brian.

I agree the Scout association do an excellent job. Why Brian are you so angry ? Why because I like your self express openions do you think my level is so low - is it because my views differ with yours.

Thank you for reading my blog I look forward to your future comments.


Kelly said...

I think the scouts do a great job both for they boys and the girls. I have to say that i don't care whether you say Allah, God, Great Spirit or nothing whatsoever (if atheist) but I do want you to mention whichever country you feel allegience to.

As for being more keener on God, well we may be over here on this side of the pond but we also have a small but very vocal and influential group that is taking God out of everything over here. I trust in God before any politician and before any government if it comes to that. But I support my country even if I question my politician's from time to time. Whatever happens we need to not lose our identity in the quest for political correctness or diversity. The people who come to our countries do so because they dont' like where they were at. So, what is wrong with the acceptance of the language, pledges, and rituals of the country they want to be in? You don't have to leave your own belief system behind or even your own non belief system but why do I have to accomodate yours without you allowing me mine???? hm????