Monday, August 15

Human Rights Act

There was a great deal of debate in the weekend press as to whether new legislation is required to circumnavigate the current Human Rights Act of 2000 (HRA) in light of the current terrorism issues.
Why do we need to get around the HRA Act? Why not just abolish it?
The answer is that the UK Parliament cannot do so. Why? Well, quite simply the upholding the European Convention on Human Rights is a condition of continued membership of the European Union and the convention was intergrated into UK law at the insistance of the EU Council (1997 IGC) in the form of the HRA.
If HMG were to ignore or change the HRA this will incure the wrath of the EU 's enforcer, the European Court of Justice.
Once again we ask; who really governs Britain ?

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There is a very good article by Robert Broadhurst in the latest edition of Freedom Today. He argues, quite rightly that perversely, the culture of "human rights" is stripping us of our Freedoms.
" It undermines Democracy. Why? Because unaccountable judges end up having to make decisions based on very fluid estimations of what the "right" is and how weighty the interests are in favour of violating it. As human rights potentially apply to anything and everything before the courts, judges often find themselves making policy decisions that in a democracy should be made by elected leaders"
If you don't subscribe, I could send you a copy.