Thursday, August 4

London today

Armed officers will patrol London's streets and transport system today.
A massive police operation is under way in London today - two weeks since the failed 21 July bombings and four since the 7 July attacks in which 56 people died.

More than 6,000 officers, many armed, are expected to patrol stations and key sites, as the Piccadilly line reopens.

A high-visibility presence will aim to make people feel safer while undercover officers mingle with commuters on Tubes and buses trying to spot bombers.

The first person charged in connection over the attacks is due in court this morning

Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur said work on major murder investigations had "slowed to a trickle", because so many specialist detectives had been moved to tackle terrorism.

Let us hope that there is not going to be an other attack and we must also hope the Police do not kill an other innocent victim.
The terrorists win if we the public lower our standards of tolerance.

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