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Letter Published in The Northern Echo - 6 August 05


Tony Blair this week added his voice to the official expressions of regret over the death of Jean Charles de Menezes in the anti-terrorist shooting error in London by the Metropolitan Police last week.

"At the same time therefore, in expressing our sorrow and deep sympathy for the death that has happened, it is important that we support them (the police) in doing the job they have to do in order to protect people in this country," he said.

Foreign secretary Jack Straw added: "I don't have any precise information about his immigration status here. My understanding is that he was here lawfully."

Maybe he was but clearly there was nothing lawful about the killing of Jean Charles de Manezes.

In fact there is now a shortage of precise information as to why and how this young Brazilian electrician was killed by an armed Police Officer from the specialist CO 19 unit.

The best support that can be given to the British people in these difficult times of terrorist out attacks is the knowledge that facts of this killing are not 'swept under the carpet'.

The British public need to know that the Police are not a law unto themselves in order that proper support can be given with confidence.

Perhaps now is a good time to ask: '' is our Police service (once referred to as the Police force) properly accountable with a workable complaints procedure?" On current evidence one fears the answer is no.

Peter Troy

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