Friday, August 5

Today in Brief

Plaid Cymru, The Welsh National Party, today celebrates its 80th anniversary. "Without Plaid Cymru, the evolution of Wales as a political entity just would not have happened," said leader Dafydd Iwan. "This has been crucial in the survival of Wales's national identity, but also of course to improve the governance of Wales for the benefit of its people and communities. For all their words, the British parties would not have given Wales any priority at all had it not been for the presence and policies of Plaid Cymru."

At the National Eisteddfod, Plaid Cymru's youth movement criticises Labour for actions which "stereotype young people as yobs."

The British Beer and Pub Association has said that around nine out of 10 pubs will seek later opening hours under new regulations which come into force this autumn. "With most licensees opting for a modest increase in opening hours, we are not witnessing a 'free-for-all'," said the BBPA's Mark Hastings. "Instead, there will be more choice for consumers, with many pubs opting for limited extra time on Friday and Saturday evenings."

A TNS survey for CNN and Time magazine finds that 31 per cent of Britons have been deterred from visiting London following the recent bombings.
The study also found that 32 per cent of French adults had been deterred from visiting Britain. It is just as well this was was not a factor when British, Commonwealth and US troops were 'visiting' France to assist with univited Germans on two occasions last century.


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