Monday, August 22

Gunho Police ?

We reproduce below two paragraphs from today's 10 Downing Street press briefing following a press confrence conducted by the Prime Minister's Spokesperson (PMS)
''Asked what the Prime Minister's thoughts were about the case (the killing of an innocent man by the Police who they thought to be a terrorist on the London underground), the PMS said it was not appropriate to comment on the case. The IPCC were conducting an independent investigation, and the Prime Minister wanted that investigation to continue and be completed.

Asked if the Prime Minister still had full confidence in Sir Ian Blair in relation to the case, the PMS said the Prime Minister had full confidence in the Commissioner in all areas.

Asked how we would react to the criticism that it was not the Prime Minister who was most at risk, but it was much more likely to be ordinary citizens who would be the target of a terror attack, and the Prime Minister should not be as sensitive about his own security, the PMS replied that we did not discuss the Prime Minister's security. The Prime Minister was well aware that thousands of people used public transport in London every day and that there was a lot of work going on to protect people as they went about their business. ''
One could be forgiven for asking whether that includes being protected from gunho Metropolitan Police Officers ?
Indeed !

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Kelly said...

Surely you can't expect high ranking officials to be concerned about security when they don't take public transport anywhere, can you? After all, if that were the case then there might be more terrorist activities going on then ever before all over the world. I know of a few people who would like just a few minutes with certain officials. Think how bogged up the public systems would be then?
and the turnover rate of gov't officials would be enormous.