Friday, January 12

Conversion On The Road

A Labour and Lib-Dem MP recently joined forces during a debate in the House of Commons and called for all speed limits on British roads to be read as Kilometres/hour instead of miles/hour so that motorists will drive on motorways at 70 km/hr (43 mph) instead of 70mph.

This idea would cut the limits by a third without having to replace a single signpost claimed Nia Griffith Labour MP for Lanelli in Carmarthenshire who wants speed restriction signs to treated as kilometrs per hour instead of the familure miles per hour.

''Few people realise how much of an economy they can make as well as benefiting the inviroment by travelling more slowly, but at present they are unable to do do so without feeling they are holding up other road users." Says the Labour MP.
Backing the suggestion, Lynne Featherstone, the Lib Dem MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, North London, amazingly added: "This is a good idea, and it would be very cheap to implement; the ease with which ordinary people can do things and the cost of the proposals is important."

Perhaps what we ought to try first is to have MPs £75,000 pay paid as 75,000 Euros so they get only (once converted) £53,000 instead; clearly that would provide some (very small) benefit to tax payers, slow down some irresponsable use of public funds and probably be entirly appropriate since the EU is the true government of our country anyway.

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