Tuesday, January 30

He's Back on Again

Oh - he's back again, the Editor of this blog is back on the radio (Wednesday 31 January at 8.30 am) giving his opinion on the days events and no doubt other matters.

Readers of a stout disposition in the Teesside area can tune in on 95 FM - though most of our readers being further a field will need to link onto
http://www.bbc.co.uk/tees/local_radio/ to listen to this broadcast.
The main topic of conversation was the one day strike by civil (and some very uncivil) servants. Peter commented on the inconvenience this would cause, a fact that the co-guest a very British (old fashioned) Trade Unionist seemed proud to be associated with.
The old chestnut of over regulated small businesses was enthusiastically aired - Peter making the comment that the nations army of over three million small business people do not have the 'right' (or indeed desire) to strike though they can join the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), which is not (and never will be) a Trade Union. The remarks resulted in one rebuttle from a FSB official who called the BBC in an agitated state expressing a concern that Peter had been invited to comment - perhaps he thought our beloved and opinionated editor should be confined to a communication free zone in Coventry.

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Steve Allison from Hartlepool said...

Hi Peter,

missed you on the radio this time, but no doubt you did you usual sterling job.